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Where we gather, grace grows. This truth is why we are so passionate about community. We believe that no measurable growth happens in isolation, and the wildest glimpses of God are discovered when we’re with each other. Only in community can we experience authentic connection, embrace our imperfections, and enjoy each other’s contributions.



In a community of faith there is a natural and purposeful progression that occurs. This movement towards God produces inward transformation and outward expression in our relationships, finances, and service within the community. We experience this growth only as we faithfully follow Christ and commit to love, support, and protect each other.


The inevitable outcome of growing in Christ is that we stop sitting on the sidelines and show up for our purpose! Our sole desire becomes the expansion of His kingdom and the advancing of His gospel. Into the world we carry this living hope, inviting others to embrace Jesus. We are fearlessly engaging culture, passionately embracing others, and revealing Jesus in all we do.

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