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Give and Grow

God has planted an extraordinary dream within our hearts for the town of Prosper and the surrounding cities. The Gathering is a collaborative effort and we believe God has called us to partner with people all over the world who are passionate about seeing His kingdom expand and the gospel advance.

We have curated our weekly Sunday experience in a way that leaves room for God to do whatever He wants to do, whenever He wants to do it. This doesn’t mean that we come every week with no agenda or program; it simply means that when His presence shows up, our agendas go out the window, and He becomes the agenda.


In our culture it is not easy to be a presence-driven church, because it requires that we grow in our ability to wait patiently on God without striving. Many churches have found different ways to gather and grow as a community, but we have chosen as a community to believe that His presence is the better way.


To do this, funds are needed. Apart from creating a place to gather, our offerings also meet the needs of Israel, global missionaries, church developments in Mexico, and ministries dedicated to sending the Gospel of Christ out to all corners of the earth. Let’s do this together through biblical tithing and offerings.

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