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  • Tyler Everett

Unseen Potential

Welcome back to the second installment of our "Battles Before the Battle" series. In this part, we delve into the early life of a young shepherd named David, a name that would later resonate through history as the great King David. However, at this point in his journey, he is far from royalty, tending to sheep in the fields. But as we explore, we'll discover that God's vision for David's life extends far beyond the pasture.

In the heart of this narrative lies a truth that transcends time: God sees our potential long before the world recognizes it. In David's case, God saw a king when all others saw a shepherd. As we unravel this story, we're reminded that God's perception of our identity defines our destiny.

The Prophetic Formation

David's story begins in the womb of his mother, where God formed him with a divine purpose. Even before his birth, God saw him as a king. While the world saw a shepherd, God saw a monarch. This truth is a powerful testament to how God's perspective shapes our reality. David wasn't destined to be a mere shepherd; he was destined to be a king who would lead God's people.

Stewarding the Sheep

As a young shepherd, David was entrusted with his father's sheep, a responsibility he took seriously. Despite not inheriting the sheep, he protected and cared for them diligently. This act of stewardship mirrored his destiny as a future king. In the same way, we're called to steward the resources and talents God has given us. Just as David fought off predators to protect the sheep, we too must fight to preserve God's blessings in our lives.

Courage in Defeat

David's encounters with predators like lions and bears were moments of intense battle. These skirmishes represent our own struggles in life. When adversity strikes, David's unwavering determination to rescue even a single sheep teaches us not to concede to defeat. Just as David refused to let the lion snatch his sheep, we must stand firm against the enemy who seeks to steal our victories.

Fighting Until Completion

David's tenacity shines in his willingness to fight until the end. He didn't merely drive away the predators; he pursued them until they were defeated. This mentality teaches us not to dwell on past victories but to press forward, facing new challenges with boldness. David's determination reminds us that God equips us to overcome each battle and advance in His purpose.

Unseen Potential

Now, let's shift our focus to the unfolding story of David's anointing as king. The scene is set in Bethlehem, where the prophet Samuel arrives with a unique purpose. Saul, the reigning king, had been rejected by God due to his disobedience. Samuel's mission was to anoint the next king from the sons of Jesse.

In this narrative, we encounter Samuel, Jesse, and David, each playing a pivotal role in the unveiling of unseen potential. Samuel, though previously in a state of retirement, is called back into action by God. This serves as a reminder that there is no retirement in the kingdom of God; each season presents new opportunities to serve and fulfill God's purpose.

Sacrifice and Breakthrough

As Samuel gathers the elders of Bethlehem for a sacrifice, he demonstrates the power of a sacrificial life. The act of sacrifice precedes breakthrough. Just as Moses told Pharaoh they needed to go into the wilderness to make a sacrifice, our willingness to offer our lives as a living sacrifice paves the way for God's blessings to flow.

Unveiling the King

Amidst the sacrifice, God unveils the chosen king. As Jesse presents his sons before Samuel, God's selection is not based on outward appearance or stature. God looks at the heart. David, the youngest and least expected, is the one chosen by God. This serves as a poignant reminder that our worth is determined by God, not by societal standards or human expectations.

Tapping into Unseen Potential

The story of David's anointing resonates with us today. Just as God saw David's potential as a king, He sees the potential within each of us. Our age, circumstances, or past failures do not limit God's ability to use us. Whether we're in our 20s or 50s, God's timing is perfect, and He can release potential we never knew existed.

In closing, remember that God's perspective of our identity shapes our destiny. Embrace stewardship, face battles with courage, and fight until completion. Offer your life as a living sacrifice and tap into the unseen potential that God has placed within you. Just as David's journey from shepherd to king was marked by unexpected twists, our own journey is filled with God-ordained moments that reveal our purpose and destiny.

Stay tuned for the next installment of our "Battles Before the Battle" series as we delve into the iconic story of David and Goliath. Get ready for a fresh perspective on this timeless tale that will challenge and inspire you in unexpected ways. Until then, may you continue to discover and unleash the unseen potential that God has placed within you.

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